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We are in need of homes for special needs animals!  Please consider giving
one of these precious animals a chance to have a loving home!

Pet Haven of South Carolina (PHSC) is a federally recognized public non-profit
organization with 501(c)3 status. We are dedicated to the preservation and welfare of
all felines, canines, and equines as well as all other domestic animals. We are an all-
volunteer organization with no paid staff positions. Our efforts are funded solely through
public donations and private funds. PHSC offers shelter, care and sanctuary at our NO-
KILL facility for abandoned, abused and/or neglected cats, dogs, and horses as well
as - if the need arises - other domestic animals. Pet Haven of South Carolina is
dedicated to preventing cruelty to, relieving the suffering of, and providing humane
treatment for animals. Our goal is to not only strengthen the bond but also the
understanding between animals and humans. Pet Haven of South Carolina is not
funded by local or state government. Read more on our
About Us page.

800 dogs & cats are euthanized EVERY hour in the US. Please spay / neuter your pets.

All donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue

We are in urgent need of volunteers to help with transportation to and from Vet
Clinic, feeding, cleaning, and grooming. If you can spare some time to assist
us, please
contact us.