About Us
About Us

We are a small rescue operation (Approx 50-60 animals) and we are always full. We
are unable to accept any owner-surrendered pets or strays. We suggest
that you place a free ad in the Greenville News, or the IWANNA paper to try and
find the pet a home.

It is our mission to provide a safe haven for our community’s abused and abandoned cats and
dogs, with the goal of rehabilitation and adoption into permanent loving homes. As a NO-KILL
shelter, all animals brought into the shelter remain under the stewardship of Pet Haven of South
Carolina, until they are adopted. We will only consider euthanasia when recommended by a
veterinarian to relieve an animal's suffering due to irreversible injury, illness or disease. We
place approximately 185 animals per year.

We encourage and promote spaying and neutering as the only effective approach to reducing the
pet overpopulation problem. In compliance with state law and as a matter of principal, we spay
and neuter all pets prior to adoption. Pet Haven of South Carolina provides lost and found
services and educates the public on the proper care of animals through printed materials and
educational activities. We pursue all reports of abuse, neglect or cruelty and cooperate with law
enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of such cases. We support the efforts of South
Carolina's Law Enforcement agencies, Animal Control departments and Humane Society
Chapters to provide fair treatment and care for all domestic animals in the State of South

  • To report an abused animal, please contact local Animal Control or us at:
    Telephone:(864) 350-3735   or   Email

  • Money and Food are always in short supply. If you would like to make an
    online Cash Donation, click the following link:   Donate

  • Or, check out our Wish List if you have any pet items that you could donate.

  • Call or email us for more information about our programs, or for volunteering
    Telephone:(864) 350-3735   or   Email